Iphone Apps

YARA Praxair Dry Ice Calculator
The user enters various parameters associated with the packing, transport and a desired product temperature of a product. The application calculates then a recommended amount of dry ice to be used to achieve the desired result. This app is still under development and is therefore not available on Itunes App Store yet.

Lixtal Calculater
The application is called "Lixtal" and it is 100% free. It is a mathematical calculation of a specific teksts readability. You can read more about Lixtal here: http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/LIX (Danish only)

The user enters or copy / paste text into the App, then trim the text for special characters. It could, for instance be email addresses, links, smileys or other text blocks that can be disruptive to the individual text. After trimmning the text, one can calculate the actual readability index, which gives the user an idea of the readability. You can get it, for free, in the Itunes App Store here.